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Erik Funk has been repairing clocks since retiring from the Coast Guard in 2002, and is a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors -- http://www.nawcc.org/.  


He is a past president of the George McNeil Potomac Guild of the Horological Association of Virginia.  For ten years Erik attended and taught the Guild-sponsored clock repair class in Fairfax, Virginia before moving to Texas Hill Country in 2011.  


He now teaches a short seminar -- "This Old Clock" -- through Club Ed in Kerrville.  http://clubed.net/.  


Erik is ready to discuss your clock with you -- call now.  830.258.6093.

We offer the highest quality clock repair services


Cleaning, case and dial work, major and minor repair, complete overhaul, and restoration... we can bring your clock back to life. We are able to guarantee our maintenance and repair work because we are thorough in every stage of the job.  


When we overhaul a clock, we completely disassemble every component to clean, inspect and polish every part.  Since we inspect the pieces at this level, we are able to confidently guarantee the clock's operation. Our repair process is complete when your clock has successfully completed week-long test.

We have a great network


We worked closely with Mr. Clyde Day of Clyde's Clocks from 2011 until he closed shop in 2015, and we have been delighting Clyde's Clocks customers ever since.  We now service clocks for customers of Kerrville Clock Company, a retail clock store at 1608 Sidney Baker.  



With over 20 years of  horological education and hands-on experience, we are confident in our ability to help you with your clock.  We are able to obtain, or fabricate, parts for antique clocks of all makes.  While we can handle all routine repairs in our local shop, including bushing, pivot, lathe and brazing work, we have relationships with specialized horological machinists who can make new parts when we find components that are beyond economical repair.  

We guarantee our work


Because we attend to every detail in repair and overhaul work, we can confidently guarantee our work. You will not pay for another service call or pay for the same repair twice during the warranty period.  We are focused on customer satisfaction.  

We work on all types of clocks


We know that your special clock is important to you... and your satisfaction is important to us.  From weight-driven, 30-hour clocks from the early 1800s, to spring-wound, 8-day chiming clocks of the early 1900s, we can bring your clock back to life.  

Contact us today to discuss your clock


We can help you get your clock back in good running order and let you begin enjoying it again.  Call or e-mail today to schedule an appointment.  

Erik Funk - 830.258.6093 / 703.906.4272 


Hamburg American Co. WM chime clock for French market - 1925
Terry and Andrews round gothic ("beehive") - 1850
Modern Neuchatel reproduction (Swiss)

We offer the highest quality clock repair services in Hill Country

We can help you make an informed decision on the repair of your clock... although we are not appraisers, we can give you advice on the market value of your clock and will provide a detailed estimate on the cost of the repair before we begin work.  You will bring an idea of the clock's sentimental value, and can then decide among the repair options we provide. We don't want any surprises during the repair process and will keep you informed of the status of your clock's repair.

We make housecalls in the Texas Hill Country. 

Hill Country Clock Repair was selected for the 2021 Best of Kerrville Award for the clock repair service category.   https://kerrville.local-best-of-info.net/PressReleaseub.aspx?cc=DMM9-XBSH-HX66